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Vinyl Record Inner Sleeves
Inner Sleeves

Vinyl Record
Inner Sleeves

Vinyl Record Antistatic Inner Sleeves

Antistatic Inner Sleeves

- Silky High Density Plastic
- Paper weights of 80r Heavy Gauge Thick Paper
- Anti Static Premium Inner Sleeves
- With two,central holes/Measures 300mm x 309 mm Approx
- The paper is white or black, through-dyed and not printed, so that there are no streaks at the cut edges and glued parts
- Available colors: Black, White

Antistatic inner sleeves white
Antistatic inner sleeves black
Antistatic HDP inner sleeves

Antistatic HDP inner sleeves

High quality antistatic inner HDP sleeves 90micro

Antistatic inner sleeves 7inch vinyl

Antistatic inner sleeves 7" Single

High quality antistatic inner sleeves
Mix color, pack of 25

Vinyl Record Outer Sleeves
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