Turntable Slipmats
Printed cork slip mats

• Vertigo
• Speaker
• Iris
• Tricircle
• Geo

Precision Manufactured
in the EU !
Static eliminator for vinyl records with grounding cord.
The simply Analog anti-static brush neutralizes electrostatic charges which are usually found on vinyl records.
It is a passive static eliminator which operates by concentrating the electric filed to ionize the air.
Quick and effective static removal. A 90% reduction in change.
Enjoy the silence!
Delux Cleaning Boxset
Contains all the necessary tools to clean and protect your precious vinyl records.
The following items are incuded:
• Natural goat hair record brush
• Handmade oak wood velvet record brush
• Stylus cleaner 30ml
• Vinyl cleaner 80ml
• Microfiber cloth

The ultimate protection!
Vinyl Record Sleeves
Inner and outer sleeves for 12", 10" and 7"

• Heavy Duty polyethylene sleeves
• High clarity polypropylene sleeves
• High quality PVC sleeves

The ultimate protection!
Microfiber cloth
Cleaning cloth with microfiber technology for
• Vinyl records
• CD / DVD / Blu-ray discs
• Hi-Fi / High-End equipment

Custom made microfiber cloth
• Alcohol free
• Improoves fidelity
• Reduces surface noize
• Removes static
Ready to use.
• Alcohol free
• Improoves fidelity
• Reduces surface noize
• Removes static
High effective cd-dvd-blu ray disc cleaner.
Advanced Alcohol free non toxic Formula polishes and cleans all disc surfaces.
For optimum Display Brightness.
Non Toxic
Alcohol and Ammonia free
Antistatic advanced formula.
Vinyl record 12", 10", 7" PVC sleeves.
The ultimate protection.
hi quality antistatik hdp sleeves for maximum protection of your vinyl records.
in white & black.
Cloth for vinyl records, CD-DVD-Bluray Discs and Hi-Fi / Hi-End equipment.
Turntable Slipmat,
Stylus Cleaner
and much more!
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